Magically one of a kind, Powerfully part of the pack.

Since 2014, Of The Wolves has served as a medium to connect and share, with a focus on sustainable living, spirituality, stewardship, art, and modern-day sanctuaries. In 2016, Of the Wolves relaunched as a community-driven site and comprehensive compendium of a life better lived in the modern age, complete with services, shopping and events and retreats. We ask: how do we see ourselves in the never-ending stories and imagery pushed out to us nowadays, or do we at all. We exist in service of something far more important than creating and selling “content”, something ancient: sharing stories with the intent to pass information, preserve tradition and art, and to connect.

Everything Of The Wolves puts into the world supports the belief we’re all Magically One of a Kind, Powerfully Part of the Pack. Our Wolf Pack consists of actresses, entrepreneurs, clairvoyants, poets, writers, musicians and more. We hope you see part of your magical self reflected in us and our work.